QMUL Makers Market

Despite the weather, we had a fantastic day at the Makers Market on 21st May.  We had a mixture of students and young people from Tower Hamlets who participated in the event, promoting their business or selling products.

Below are examples of a few of our participants:


Left: This is Farah – a young person from Tower Hamlets.  She imports different pieces of jewellery and accessories from India then repackages it and sells it on. She sold a lot of produce on the day and was really grateful for the opportunity.

Right: Natalia was granted a £500 Try It Award in January for her Karate classes that are based in East London.  She also attended InQUBEate this term and is intending to apply for our June round of Grow It since she has managed to secure 30 customers with a waiting list too.


Left: This is one of two developers behind the app TakeIn.  The idea behind this app is that home chefs can cook meals and sell their extra produce to customers who want home cooked meals, as opposed to an unhealthy take away.  They have delivery drivers who pick up and drop off.  They applied for the £10,000 Build It Award in our last round and we are waiting for a couple of pieces of information before we tell them we are going to fund their idea. They had a lot of interest on the day and I connected them with a contact from The Prince’s Trust who has 30 plus food businesses that could use this service.

Right: Devjoy was advertising their TEDxQMUL conference which will be held on the 4th June.  He also attended the East London Social Hack earlier this year.  They managed to promote their event and engaged with a lot of the public by asking them to write down what one of their dreams were.

For more information on our Enterprise scheme, visit careers.qmul.ac.uk/enterprise

Natasha Triay, Enterprise Coordinator


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