Try It. Grow It. Build It.

At different points throughout the year, the Enterprise department at Queen Mary will award different cash prizes to students who want to explore a business idea or develop an existing one.  The ‘Try It’ Award is £500 for students who have a business or social enterprise idea and wish to test it out.  The ‘Grow It’ Award is up to £5,000 for those students who wish to expand an existing idea and they must prove that this award will help them have a clear pathway to profitability.

We also give out one ‘Build It’ Award every year which is £10,000 for a student who wants to develop a new product like an app, website or prototype.  They will need to demonstrate that their product has commercial potential, as well as providing an innovative solution to the problem they are addressing. 

All applications for these awards will be found at the following link and will be a combination of video pitching and written applications, however, in all instances, it is important that students demonstrate how gaining this award will take their idea to the next level:

Below is an example of one of the 17 different awards we have given out this year, and we still looking to give out more. 


Marilena Parouti: Akronymion Productions Ltd.

Describe your business in a nutshell:
Akronymion Productions is a film production company which produces feature length films. As part of Akronymion Productions, the company will be offering professional experience to university students through short term work experience.

How will the Try It help you get started?
The Try It Award will help me establish a website for the company.  The website will enable to company to position itself, present the latest projects, news and student work experience.

Describe the support you have received from QMUL Careers & Enterprise
The Careers & Enterprise Centre have been extremely supportive of my business idea.  They have helped me develop it through the very informative and motivating InQUBEate course.  I would strongly recommend getting in touch and discussing any business ideas you may have. 

If you wish to enquire further about these awards and how you can access them, please contact




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