Too many buzz words could be damaging your CV

One of the challenges with writing a CV that will attract an employer’s attention, is trying to impress whilst being clear and concise. It’s all to easy to fall into the trap of using buzz words and jargon filled phrases, which might sound snappy, but could actually be doing your CV more harm than good.

Phrases like ‘strong communicator’ can be vague, empty and meaningless unless backed up by evidence. Use a specific example of when you have successfully demonstrated this skill – if possible backed up with numbers or percentages – to prove and quantify the achievement.

‘A good team player’, ‘highly motivated’, ‘a good problem solver’ and ‘enthusiastic individual’ are other commonly used phrases that have become cliches that can irritate recruiters rather than excite them.

So how do you demonstrate these skills?

The following articles outline some of the key buzz words to avoid, and offer some suggestions for better alternatives – well worth a look.

What else do I need to know about CVs?

Check out our recent blog Help! How do I structure my CV? for more information, and remember you can get your CV checked by one of our Careers Consultants – just contact us to book in a 20 minute appointment.



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