Prepare for the Fair

The Business & Finance Fair is for students who are looking to discover more information about a career in business and finance. The fair is designed to showcase the range of opportunities that are available in this industry, including work experience, internships and graduate opportunities.

Business & Finance Fair, Tuesday 11th October, 5-7pm, The Octagon.

To make the most out of the evening, read on for our 3 top tips on preparing for the fair …

  1. Research

Take a look at the list of employers who are attending (below) – this will help you prioritise who you want to talk with.


Keep an open mind as opportunities can come from the least expected places and you could end up speaking to people from organisations that you might not have thought about before. Be sure to research as much as you can about the companies you really want to meet. You will impress them by knowing who they are and what they are about. When researching employers you can find out about the company itself from their website and social media pages, but also catch up on the latest news and current affairs, particularly any stories that might be relevant to the employer. Showing your commercial awareness this way will help you to stand out more in the recruiter’s memory.

  1. Make a good impression

Start the conversation by introducing yourself, be polite – remember that recruiters are people too! Ask how their day is going and smile to show that you are listening. Making notes will show the recruiter that you are really interested in what they have to say and will be useful for you to refer to afterwards. Remember to ask for a business card – this can be very helpful if you decide to make a job application. Finally, try to dress smartly; this will help you feel more confident and counts towards making an excellent first impression.

  1. Ask the right questions

Make an effort not to ask obvious questions like ‘so what do you do then?’ or anything that you would be able to find out the answer to on their website. Make the most of this face-to-face opportunity with an employer by asking questions that you wouldn’t usually be able to ask. Here are some suggestions from us:  

  • What do you particularly look for in a student or graduate?
  • How can I make my application stand out?
  • What can I do now to prepare myself for your recruitment and selection process?
  • What work experience do you expect your graduates to have when applying?
  • Can you tell me more about what your graduate programme involves?

We hope you enjoy the evening! Keep an eye out for future events at


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