The London Eye’s public liability policy is for £5 million. Discover jobs in risk. gives insight into the world of insurance, and the opportunities are likely to be broader than you think. In a nutshell, this sector is about identifying and protecting individuals or organisations from risk – whether that is calculating the potential risk of flooding and natural disasters, to political risk which looks at how political changes or a country’s instability could impact investments, or insuring houses, cars and holiday trips – the number of vacancies for graduates in this area is huge.

If you are thinking about a career in finance and would like to broaden your horizon, or whether you like the idea of working in risk and want to explore the business support roles such as HR, marketing and IT visit the website to find out more.

The ‘About You’ section contains an interactive map where you can explore the various applications of risk and the related job roles – from broking, underwriting, risk management, loss adjusting, business development and many more – you may find job titles you never knew existed. The site also provides information about you might find there are jobs out there you never knew existed! The site also provides information about different employers and case studies in a fun and interactive way.


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