International Students Careers Week: Monday 15 – Friday 19 February, Mile End Campus

From my own experience, trying to find a job for after graduation whilst you’re still studying can seem like an incredibly daunting task, and I’m sure even more so for international students. QM Careers & Enterprise are hosting an ‘International Students Careers Week’ this month, consisting of a programme of events for all QMUL International Students who would like to find out more information about working both in the UK and overseas during their studies and after they have graduated. Here are a few pieces of information about the week and what to expect from the events:

Why should I attend?

Careers & Enterprise are working with a number of organisations, as well as different QM departments in order to put on useful and relevant workshops for our international students. Workshop focusses include visa information, the UK recruitment process, using LinkedIn effectively and improving your English for UK job interviews. Most importantly, C&E have invited representatives from the sponsorship organisations UKISIS, Access Tier 5 and Parenthese, giving you the chance to meet with them and ask questions about visa regulations and how to go about attaining sponsorship.

What events are there and what can I expect from them?

  Afternoon Evening
Monday Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur Visa

Find out more information about getting sponsored to start your own business in the UK on the Tier 1 entrepreneur visa.

1-2pm, Bancroft 1.13a

Tier 5 UKISIS: a new visa scheme for your future

UKISIS provide visa sponsorship for Chinese nationals and Chinese speaking students. Find out more about this process at this workshop.

5.30-6.30pm, Eng. 3.25

Tuesday   Working in the UK after graduation

This workshop will give you an understanding of how the UK recruitment process operates.

5.15-6.45pm, Bancroft 1.13

Wednesday Tier 5 visas for UK employment

Access Tier 5 provide visa sponsorship to any non-EEA graduates. Find out more about this scheme and the Tier 5 visa process.

1-2.30pm, Bancroft 1.02.6

Thursday LinkedIn Lab

Learn how to build your profile for networking and job searching in the UK and overseas.

1-2pm, Bancroft 1.15a

Getting internships and work in the USA

Parenthese offer a J-1 visa scheme for those who wish to work in the US. Learn how to search and apply to opportunities through this scheme.

5-6.30pm, Bancroft 3.40

Friday Improve your English for UK job interviews

The Language centre are leading a workshop on the type of language you need to use in UK job interviews.

1-2pm, Bancroft 3.26


You can book a place at any of these events via the Careers & Enterprise Events page:

For any more information, don’t hesitate to contact Careers & Enterprise on 020 7882 8533.


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