Was your new year resolution to get some work experience? Here’s how:

If you’re a student, the New Year is unlikely to feel as new or fresh or organised as the billboards and Spotify ads would suggest. The hangover of the previous calendar year will persist well into January as you wait on exam results or assignment marks. With all the havoc that January wrecks, it is often easier to live in the present rather than plan ahead.

But unfortunately, with each January, graduation is ever closer. And at some point, you will need to ask yourself what it is you are going to do with the next forty plus years of your life. This conversation can be either panicked, or productive. Thankfully, Queen Mary Careers and Enterprise Centre are available to make the conversation a productive one.
What many students struggle with is the idea of how they will reach their envisioned career goal. Whether it is banking, business development, charity or media you see yourself working in, it can be difficult to know where to begin when your CV is empty aside from your four-month stint at Build a Bear or Wetherspoons. QM Careers run a number of successful schemes aimed at developing your professional profile and preparing you for applications to graduate roles.

If you are determined, but lacking in relevant experience, QM Careers’ QProjects scheme is where you should start. QProjects is an award winning work experience scheme that places QM students on challenging and meaningful projects in local organisations. Past projects have included medical research, corporate partnerships, marketing and finance.
Not only will these projects enable you to grow transferable professional skills and demonstrate them to graduate employers, they will give you confidence and trajectory. Students who have undertaken a QProject have often extended their placements or even secured permanent paid employment at the organisation.
So rather than making New Year’s resolutions that you know won’t last – never will another sugar granule pass my lips, for example – why not resolve to do something that is worthwhile, meaningful and forward looking? Something like a QProject.
To learn more about the QProjects available, please visit http://goo.gl/4apfkM

Read our article ‘Experience Matters’  (QMUL login required) for a list of 10 other ways you can build your work experience.


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