Tips to improve your numerical test score

The short answer is practice. The long answer is… more practice.

student 3

That might sound simple enough, but getting the right type of practice is key to effective preparation that will hopefully ultimately boost your test score.

Careers & Enterprise have a subscription to full length psychometric tests, which provides feedback on your performance with tips on how to improve. An answer sheet is also available if you want to see the workings out for any questions you didn’t get right. Register using your @qmul email address at

I need to improve my maths:

Word and number puzzles like Sudoku are great ways to help build on your verbal and numerical skills. The BBC bitesize and skillswise websites are useful for revising basic maths and comprehension for example. There are also lots of videos and tutorials online.
For finance roles, study the charts and tables in the business pages of newspapers and do some basic calculations to familiarise yourself with this type of data.

I need to improve my exam technique:

Trying example questions will help to improve your exam technique and will familiarise you with the way the questions are phrased. Reading the question thoroughly is important. Often they are phrased in a way that can catch you out if you are not careful. Remember also that

  • Speed and accuracy are important, so work as quickly and accurately as you can.
  • Do not spend too long on any one question – if you are stuck, leave it and move on. You can always return to it later if you have time. Sometimes a quick estimate can help to rule out some of the options, but avoid guessing.

I need to control my nerves:

The countdown clock doesn’t help if you are already feeling nervous. Do not worry if you do not finish all the questions – these tests are meant to push you. The more sample questions you do, the more used you will be to the technology and the calculations you could be asked to do, which will help you feel more in control of the situation.



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