What it is like studying for a masters

When choosing whether to peruse a masters or not, we recommend that as well as attending an open day at the university, that you also speak to people who have done postgraduate study to find out what the reality is. Finding out as much as you can from a range of people will help you to make an informed decision. If you are thinking about starting a masters course next year, find out what one of our student bloggers thought about staying on at QMUL to do a masters. following her  Read on to find out what further study was really like.

How its going…

The first day (induction) felt really strange because I was back at uni just like I was in the past years but only this time…my friends weren’t there! However in some way I preferred not knowing anyone because when I saw new faces- that’s when it felt more like a new chapter or fresh start which made things more exciting!

I was surprised to see that the staff members and lecturers for masters are mostly different from the ones I had during my undergraduate years. Another thing I was not expecting was that most of my classmates were quite a bit older than me and most had worked or done postgraduate studies before. Also to my surprise, the majority of students (about 90% I’d say) are either International or European non UK students. All of this was completely different to what I was expecting and what I was used to as an undergrad.  It’s interesting how I wanted to stay at QMUL to avoid change however thinking about it now…there has been immense change from my undergrad years to now even though I am at the same university studying in the same department! Small things like the conversations I have with my peers and how my day is structured is now completely different!

Strangely I had expected to have a similar social life to what I did in my previous years as a student…this was definitely not the case at all! I was surprised by the number of students that just attend lectures then go back home or to the library and that is it. The lack of social interaction could be because of the workload or that most of the students are older and settled so do not see the point of socialising with their peers, either way I was not prepared for this and honestly, I didn’t like it!

I do however love the course I am studying. I find most modules very interesting and I really enjoy the way in which there is a lot more application of what we learn to the ‘real world’ and world of work. I find that the lecturers are more engaging and the lectures are more interactive which is helpful given the huge workload!

In conclusion I am glad I chose to do my masters now because at the end of the year- I know I have finally completed my educational years! Knowing this I think will also help me move on and focus better on the next step I need to take. If you are thinking of postgraduate study and are unsure, I would suggest that you speak to a postgraduate student to find out about their experience and know what it is really like.


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