QInterns: Helping you get an internship


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Internships. Everyone’s heard of them. And you probably know you are supposed to do one so that you can get the job you want when graduate. But how do you get one? What do you get one doing? And how do you know it’s a decent internship, where you’re going to learn something worthwhile, and not just be photocopying or making people tea?

Step in QInterns. This is a Careers & Enterprise initiative, designed to help QMUL students and recent graduates build their CV through practical work placements. QInterns sources bespoke internship opportunities to help students gain an insight into an industry, do meaningful work and develop specific skills.

In the last couple of years QInterns has worked with over 300 students placing them into internships in organisations including AT&T, Barts Cancer Trials Unit, EDF Trading, Johnson & Johnson, Morgan Stanley, News UK, Pfizer, Playlab, and many more.

Internships can really range in time and commitment from full time for three months during the summer, to part time during the academic term and they are open to students from any year of study (and recent graduates too). And because QMUL believes that you have the right to be paid for work that you do, all the internships we advertise pay at least National Minimum Wage/London Living Wage. Because we source the internship, you can be confident you’ll be doing interesting and worthwhile work.

So why do an internship?

Internships are not just for those who know exactly what they want to do when they graduate. In fact, internships are a great opportunity to get a real taste of a work place – which can really help you figure out if this is actually what you want to do when you finish university. You might have always pictured yourself working in Marketing – but do you know if you’ll like the work environment? You might not have a clue what you want to do – so why not get a taste of work life and see which bits you like and don’t like. Even if the internship doesn’t match exactly what jobs you end up going for when you graduate, you’ll still learn really valuable, transferable skills which any employer will find impressive.

And what have previous QInterns got to say about the experience? Natasha, who completed a QInternship at Last Word Media told us that (among other things) she gained great admin experience from her time with the company and it really opened the door for future employment:

‘Internships are an amazing opportunity to increase the skills you have and get a taster of the working world, which helps you make a decision on what career you want to choose. I have now been offered a permanent role within the company and have accepted. The internship acted as a gateway to my career.’

To see all our latest opportunities, or to register your CV for future internships, go to careers.qmul.ac.uk/qrecruit.


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