Deloitte & the unexpected things I learnt

On a balmy August day, I made my way to Deloitte’s offices in the City for a Careers Advisers day; a way in which we careers professionals ensure the information we pass onto you, as students, is current and fresh. It also means we get free sandwiches and get to grill recent intakes of graduates about their experiences; so everyone’s a winner!

The unexpected things I learnt:

  • Graduate recruitment targets at Deloitte have been missed by 34% in 2014, and 32% in 2015.
  • Deloitte locations that receive fewest applications are the London satellite offices e.g. St Albans, Crawley, not that that means the recruitment process is any less stringent!
  • Good news if you’re an international student: Tier 2 visa provision went from 40 in 2014, to over 100 in 2015 for graduates. There is no limitation on visa numbers; they only ask that if students require a visa, applications are made by April, for a September start (or generally a lead time of 5 to 6 months).
  • Fun fact: Deloitte audit the voting process for the BAFTAs.
  • The Technology graduate scheme takes on over 150 graduates a year.
  • Approximately 70–75% of interns and those on insight weeks, are successfully recruited and retained on Deloitte’s graduate schemes.
  • Deloitte provides free food for its employees, in return for donations to charity.
  • Deloitte’s Micro Tyco scheme grants internships to the team who can turn £1 into as large a return as possible. Anyone can enter.
  • Deloitte supports over 40 different professional qualifications aligned to their different graduate schemes. Typically there is a good support around studying and working in the initial training period.
  • … and Deloitte make a mean ploughman’s sandwich!

student working


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