What to do if a graduate scheme isn’t for you

If you’ve graduated this year and were not successful in getting on a graduate scheme then don’t despair. According to this recent article in the Guardian, graduate schemes are not necessarily the key to a happy career future. Apparently, a quarter of all graduates will leave their roles within the first year of starting. The reason? Well, a number of things for different people but essentially it seems to all boil down to the issue of not realising what a certain industry/sector/job role would be like until you are in the thick of it. Feelings of being unsupported, not connecting with the goal or ethos of an organisation and not liking the work culture are all quoted in the article as reasons recent graduates have left their first jobs.

Our advice would be that while it might be a scary time, finishing uni and starting work, don’t rush into anything, and don’t assume a graduate scheme is going to be the best thing for you. If you’re not sure what you want to do, or what type of work environment might suit you best, book an appointment to have a chat with one of our Careers Consultants. One great way to find out whether a sector/job would suit you is to do an internship or find work experience in that industry. Not only will you get exposed to the type of work environment but you will get to talk to people in that industry and find out what they think about their job.




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