Feeling lost and confused about your career?

Our Careers Consultants can help! You don’t need to know what job you want to do and you don’t even need to have specific questions to ask. Even if you are feeling a bit fed up or worried about your future options, or just want to check you are on the right track, a chat with one of our Careers Consultants can really help.

Our Consultants are trained extensively in guidance and advice – skills similar to a counsellor. This means they are very good at listening and talking things through with you. They can help you think about problems in a different way and look at things from a different perspective. They can help you decide about your priorities, think about practical steps to take or just reassure you about your employment prospects. Friends and family are always great to talk to, but sometimes having someone who is impartial can really help you see things a bit clearer. And because they are impartial, our Consultants will never judge you or push you towards something you don’t want to do.

Maya in thought

For example, I was talking to a student recently who had received a job offer for a sales role but wasn’t sure about taking it since she didn’t really like the ethos of the company. She’d been doing lots of volunteering and interning, and had some really interesting things on her CV, but as yet had only had this one offer for paid work. Even though she didn’t like the sales job, she was feeling under pressure to take it. So I advised her to have a chat with one of our Consultants. They weren’t going to tell her what she should do, but they would listen to her and explore her thoughts and options with her, so that whatever she did decided she could feel more confident she’d made the right choice for her.

So whatever your concerns about your future career, you should come in and speak to us. Even if you have no worries and are just curious, you never know what useful tips you might receive!


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