Thinking about teaching chemistry? Bursary available

Pursuing a fulfilling career in the teaching industry requires a lot of thought and research. Here is a general checklist of some of the things that you need to have thought about in detail:

–         Do you have the required skills to make a good teacher? Some of the skills and qualities often associated with good teachers include: communication skills, interpersonal and organisation skills. The best teachers are also said to be inspiring, enthusiastic, creative and imaginative.

–         Do you have classroom experience? If you are thinking about teaching but are yet to gain classroom experience, then you better get started. Any kind of experience in a classroom environment will be good and it’s a great way of demonstrating a genuine interest and commitment to teaching.

–         What age group you want to teach? It’s important to establish what age group you would like to teach as there are differences in the routes that have to be taken. Deciding what age group you would like to teach means that you can focus on getting the most relevant experience in advance.

–         What subject do you want to teach? There are a wide range of subjects that you could potentially teach. In making this decision, bear in mind that there are certain subjects that are prioritised more and therefore, there is more financial support readily available.

And finally…

Have you thought about funding? There are a range of bursaries and scholarships available to trainee teachers. Currently there is an opportunity for students interested in becoming chemistry teachers. The Royal Society of Chemistry is offering teacher training scholarship worth up to £25,000. If you are passionate about chemistry and have the potential to be an exceptional chemistry teacher, find out more here:

The deadline is on the 24th May 2015

Also, have a look at this website for more information about teaching in the UK


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