Working at Lloyds Banking Group

Tasleem Patel, a QMUL graduate in Mathematics, Business Management and Finance, tell us what it’s like to work for Lloyds Banking Group.

Tasleem photo

What scheme are you on?

I‘m currently 6 months into my first placement on the Business Management & Operations Graduate Leadership Programme.

What do you do day to day?

I’m working in Brighton on a Customer Operations Change Management programme called CARS (Collections and Recoveries Simplification) which is part of the Group wide End to End Simplification initiative, aiming to simplify the customer to employee journey.

A little bit about the CARS programme: Within LBG [Lloyds Banking Group] there are currently 17 Collections and Recoveries debt management platforms – CARS will consolidate 14 of these systems and simplify the associated processes. It’s an exciting programme as it’s going to have a massive impact on customer experience by delivering a ‘Single Customer View’, enabling any customer to call any agent. It will provide a customer-centric treatment strategy that will make customer contact more effective and efficient.

To enable the transition into a single shared platform a variety of work needs to be undertaken which has been divided into different work streams. I am currently working on the ‘Implementation’ sub team. My time at work thus far has been spent on tracking activities and preparing for the practice migration events in the run up to the actual live migration event. As you can imagine, there is a whole multitude of tasks to complete in preparation for the events. So to give a few examples of task that I do, I have created rotas ensuring there are people available to work in the required roles; I have been preparing an event handbook which has detailed descriptions, including all the information required to understand the activities taking place on events; I have also taken a lead role on the migration events, working up to 14 hours overnight! This has been a great opportunity to showcase my knowledge as there are various senior stakeholders present at these events.

A large chunk of my time has contributed to a big piece of governance work called the ‘Implementation Readiness Review’. This assesses the whole programme’s readiness to hit the target live date. This has involved a great deal of engagement with other work streams on the programme. The document, once complete and signed off by the programme lead, is then approved by various other parties such as Audit, Risk and the central Programme Management office.

Outside of my day-to-day role I am actively involved in the Group’s Diversity and Inclusion Networks; recently I have been working on a project to enable greater diversity in recruitment for the graduate scheme. D&I is a hot topic here at LBG, so it’s exciting to be involved in something that I am passionate about by bringing new ideas to the table that should be implemented in the near future.

What do you like about the Business Management & Operations graduate scheme?

What is special about this specific scheme is that it gives flexibility in offering three different placements over two years. My next placement will be in Group Security and Fraud based in London, a complete contrast to my current placement! The benefit of this is the exposure gained in the different areas in Group Operations giving the potential to build a diverse network. Another element of the graduate scheme is the yearly graduate Charity Challenge, where graduates are teamed up and compete to raise the most amount of money for the chosen charity of the year. For me this has been a highlight as it provides a fun competitive element to the scheme.

Hints and tips for applications:

  • Do your research. As obvious as it seems, preparation is essential! Being prepared will allow you to feel more confident and one way you can do this is by using the Careers service, I would definitely recommend it. I had practice interviews with both Abi and Jeff and they proved to be super helpful- the more interview practice you can get the better.
  • Try and understand where Lloyds Banking Group sits within the industry and what their current focus is.
  • Try to be yourself at interviews and assessment centres, just go for it!

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