Getting to grips with the different job roles in Investment Banking

A picture paints a thousand words, or so the saying goes. The chart below is an excellent quick reference guide to the different jobs in investment banking. Do you know your front office from your middle office, or your sales from your trading? Understanding the various roles and the different sets of skills required for each of them is important and useful because…

1) It can help you decide whether a job might suit you, if you’d enjoy it and be good at it

2) It will help you make effective, targeted applications.
How can you effectively sell yourself to recruiters if you are not really sure what a job involves and which skills are required? Having this knowledge will allow you to give relevant examples of your own skills and experience – providing evidence you have the competencies recruiters are looking for, convincing them you are a good fit for the role.

3) It will develop your industry understanding (business focus)
Knowing what the different job roles do and how they work together in a team is an important part of commercial awareness, and is ultimately a key part of really understanding how a business operates. This is an asset highly valued by employers, as they want to recruit people who understand their organisation, can make informed decisions and can help the company meet their objectives.


For further information download our ‘Getting into banking and financial services’ job hunting guide from our industry overviews webpage (QMUL login required).

The chart was posted earlier on our colleague’s blog, which you should follow for further information about city careers:


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