We all make mistakes sometimes: avoid these common CV errors

As the Coordinator of Queen Mary’s QProjects scheme and someone who has worked in recruitment, I have read a lot of CV’s in my time (and I mean A LOT). So I was of course interested when Stylist magazine recently published an article titled ‘The top 10 CV mistakes and how to avoid them’. I ended up mumbling to myself in agreement as I read the entire article- it was all so true. I’d seen it all a thousand times.

You can read the full article here, but let’s face it, we have all made at least some of the mistakes listed in the article at some point (me included…). The overall message is the same one that I often share with students when giving CV feedback: keep in mind that an employer will likely be reading through tens to hundreds of CV’s. You want yours to be as easy to read, relevant and to the point as possible. Put yourself in the recruiter’s shoes.

What’s important to keep in mind when reading Stylist’s list of CV mistakes is that the article is targeted towards young professionals who have already started a career. I’d recommend taking into account the article’s advice now so that you don’t have to learn from these common mistakes the hard way and can instead start your graduate careers off with an impressive ‘stand out’ CV.

Lindsey Shirah, QProjects Coordinator


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