How Careers Tagged can help answer your career questions

Want to know more about the engineering industry? Thinking of finding a job abroad? Got a psychometric test coming up? Whatever it is you need more information on Careers Tagged can help. Here you will find all the resources you need in one place.

I recently had the opportunity to research into the Careers Tagged website, as a first time user I found the website to be very appealing. Careers Tagged has been designed and is maintained by the Careers Group for all students of the University of London. So you know the information if has is useful, impartial and up-to-date.

As soon as you visit the site you will notice the layout is very different to many other websites. It is simple and straightforward, very user friendly and clean, and unlike other sites you won’t see advertising appearing.

CT pic

The clear structure and ease of use allows you to search for your chosen area by typing in the key words; this then opens up a list of various different resources including website links and printable information sheets. You will also notice two tabs to the left of the results so you can filter the search to show only websites if you prefer. Each link has a brief description under the heading, so you will know what type of resource and information that link will take you to. To the right you will find a list of other popular terms related to your search, to help you narrow down your results. For example, a search for ‘assessment centres’ will bring up the related terms ‘interviews’, ‘applications’ and ‘psychometric tests’.

The site also has links to JobOnline, which will take you directly to related jobs within the search criteria. So if you’re searching for information on getting into law, you can then see exactly what types of law jobs are available to you. Careers Tagged also has a section with employer profiles which has information on various different organisations as well as links to their websites. Again you will see related jobs placed on the right hand side. You will also see specific highlighted trend articles on the homepage which you can read.

What I found to be fantastic about this site is the amount of information available to you in one place – so you don’t need to spend time searching through various different sites. You can find out more about an industry, look at particular employers, research interview technique and find jobs to apply to all in one place!

Visit and try for yourself at

Fahmee Habib

Information Assistant, QMUL Careers & Enterprise Centre


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