More than numbers – what you can do with a Maths degree

Many maths students enter into their  degree programme without fully knowing exactly what it is that they would ultimately like to do after completion whilst at the same time being aware that there are a wide range of options available to them.

What does your degree provide you with?

A maths degree provides students with a wide range of skills such as:

  • logical thinking
  • analytical thinking
  • problem solving
  • high level quantification skills
  • numerical skills.

This is in addition to the skills gained by a degree programme in general such as communication, team-work and time management skills. Maths graduates have the benefit of developing both numerical and non-numerical skills which means that there is a wider range of opportunities and career options to choose from. Due to the open-ended nature of a maths degree, you will have built upon some of the transferable skills that are important to many aspects of employment, therefore making you very employable.

maths 2

So what can I do?

Essentially, as a maths graduate you have the option of pursuing a career that caters to the numerical side or the non-numerical side of your degree.

  • Many maths graduates choose to use the numerical side and go into finance, engineering or statistics
  • Others choose the non-numerical side and seek careers in other areas such as sales, HR or administration
  • Another primary area for maths graduates is within statistics, working for the government, commerce or industry
  • Other options include planning and forecasting of various sorts, such as meteorology, logistics or transport planning, as well as careers in quantity surveying, IT, consultancy, insurance and actuarial work.
  • Another option is to go into teaching, this would require further study but it’s a fulfilling career that offers both tangible and intangible awards. With a current shortage of mathematics teachers, there is a wealth of opportunities available within teaching.

In conclusion, there are many things that you can do with your maths degree!

Have a look at the prospects website for more options with your subject:

Also have a read of some of the detailed career profiles available on the Maths careers website:

Novlet Levy

Careers Information Assistant, QM Careers & Enterprise Centre


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