The Future of Science and Technology

Science and technology is constantly developing, moving towards a world that would never have been taken seriously a few decades ago. With the rapid evolution of science and unprecedented technological changes, there also comes a wealth of new careers – great news all around!

A report by Fast Future looks into some of the careers that we could potentially be looking at in the next thirty years. Here are five of my favourites:

  1. Body part maker – those involved in the creation of high performing body parts given the advances in bio-tissues, robotics and plastics. It is envisioned for this role to consist of working with computer aided design, DNA modelling and biomechanical simulations.
  2. New science ethicist – with all these exciting innovations, we are going to need professionals to keep us in line and ensure that things are kept in control. New science ethicists will help society to make consistent choices about what developments to allow and what not to allow, from an ethical perspective. Much of what they do will involve study of the underlying disciplines and the arguments for and against developments in the relevant fields of science and technology.
  3. Pharmer – ever fancied yourself using your science degree to become a farmer? How about a pharmer? This is the new generation of farmers who will raise crops and livestock that have been genetically engineered to improve food yields and grow therapeutic proteins, pharmaceuticals and chemicals.
  4. Memory augmentation Surgeon – an innovative response to sensory shutdown and an overload of information in the course of one’s life. This new category of surgeons will have the capacity to add extra memory to people who want to increase their memory capacity.
  5. Avatar manager – using your skills in technology and programming to design and create holograms of virtual people.

Clearly, with all these advances being made it’s an exciting time for science and technology and although many of these developments are merely predictions, the prospect and potential for careers in science and technology are fascinating. Keep your eyes on the lookout for more of these exciting careers, one of them could be your dream job!

Novlet Levy

Information Assistant, Careers & Enterprise

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