What I did with my Computer Science degree

‘My name is Ruby Javid, and I graduated from Computer Science at Queen Mary in 2012.

Last year I joined RecWorks as a Research Assistant, because although I studied Computer Science I didn’t want to be a software developer, yet still wanted to work in Tech/IT. The reason I didn’t want to be a software developer was because I was personally more interested in the designing of software, along with understanding/translating requirements and Human Computer Interaction. Writing code at Uni was fun but never my forte, as it required lots of patience combined with lots of Redbull and coffee! Having said, that it was always a proud moment for me when a piece of code written by me would compile and run without error.

After graduating it took me about five months of active job seeking to finally come across a role that I felt was made for me. I had been successfully interviewing at a lot of great places with tough multiple staged application processes including the likes of the Ministry of Defence and Siemens, but I never felt like I really wanted those jobs. One day I came across a recruitment email sent by QM’s very own Claire Revell about a Researcher role at RecWorks. The job title sounded appealing so I read the job description, had a look at the website and impulsively applied for this role.

I was lucky enough to get a prompt response regarding my application and was sent a challenge to complete. I managed to complete the challenge successfully as it was about Boolean logic (something I had studied in my first year at QM). I was subsequently called in for an interview and made an offer – which I accepted without hesitation and became part of the RecWorks family as a RecWorker.


RecWorks is a recruitment agency that specialises in the tech industry. Our goal is to prove that recruiters can be a power of good in the tech industry, and we’re as passionate about building and helping tech communities as we are about developing our business. Whilst we generate 100% of our revenue from recruitment, we spend also 50% of our time on community-focused work; such as managing tech communities and building initiatives around mentoring tech graduates. As part of this, we have started a number of tech communities and groups in London over the last eight years and have ambitious plans for further development within the tech community scene in London. I love my role because it allows me to utilise my tech knowledge and remain updated with the latest tech trends through the events run by the London Java Community which has been founded by the director of RecWorks Barry Cranford.

The role itself requires you to be passionate about technology, possess great attention to detail and above all enjoy researching and reading. I work with a fantastic team of friendly and talented people. Since getting the job I have been lucky enough to be promoted three times (this included pay rises too!) in under a year. I was also recently given an award for consistency due to my consistent performance and level of understanding. I am now at that stage of my career where I am looking to manage people.

If you are looking for further advice or opportunities, feel free to get in touch with me at rj@recworks.co.uk – always happy to help fellow QM-ites.’

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