Scholarships and Prizes for Postgraduate Study

If you are interested in doing a Masters with a focus on European affairs you could receive a scholarship from the College of Europe. The College of Europe is a not-for-profit Higher Education Institution, set up in 1949; Nick Clegg is one of the alum, so is the Head of Chanel in Moscow. It fully-funds 70% of its masters students. Scholarships available internationally and for specific disciplines e.g. History  –

They’re actively seeking UK students. The Masters are in:

  • European Interdisciplinary Studies
  • EU International Relations and Diplomacy Studies
  • European Political and Administrative Studies
  • European Economic Studies
  • European Legal Studies

Oct-Jan is the application period. It’s a one-year programme based in either Bruges, Brussels or Natolin, Poland. Apart from a degree a UK student needs GCSE French (they stressed that this should not put people off).

There’s also a 5,000 euro prize available for a Master’s theses submitted at a European university between 1 September 2012 and 30 September 2014 inclusive: second, articles by doctoral students, who were in the same period enrolled in a doctoral programme at a European university.


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