Tips for after graduation

Whether you are in your first year or final year it’s never too early to start thinking about what you want to do when you graduate. This article by The Independent has some excellent advice on life after university including:

  • The need for patience and a thick skin. It can take several applications and interviews to get a job so staying positive and not taking rejection personally is key.
  • Getting a part-time job to keep you going while looking for a more permanent position.
  • Making sure your CV/applications are as good as they can be (come and see our Careers Consultants to double check they are!)
  • That make sure not only your online presence is suitable (no embarrassing Facebook pictures or inappropriate tweets!) and that you make the most of social media in your job hunt.
  • To remember that as a graduate you are not expected to know it all. You are allowed to make mistakes and take time finding your way to the career that’s right for you.

And the point I think is most important – seek advice. If you’re not sure what you want to do or how to do it then you don’t need to struggle alone. We can help with any questions or issues you may have, even if the question is simply ‘I need a job and don’t know where to start’. All you have to do is gives us a phone (020 7882 8533) or come and visit us in the Careers Centre (Queens’ WG3).


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