Getting your foot in the door

Now more than ever, the value of work experience is not to be underestimated. It represents an important step in the journey towards your long term career goals and enables you to stand out amongst the rest.

Work experience is an important influencing factor for employers, especially if the work experience was done with them. Many employers use their placement schemes as the first stage in the recruitment of graduates and there are several different reasons why this is so.

Why do employers like to employ those who have had experience with them already?

  • You will present a low risk as the employer has already assessed your ability to do the job as well as to fit in with the team
  • The employer already knows what skills you have and has probably already identified your strengths and weaknesses
  • You’ve displayed a commitment and interest in the company
  • Hopefully you’ve been able to make a significant contribution to the company
  • You would have demonstrated already your commercial awareness and gained insight into how a business or a company operates
  • The employer at this point knows not only that you have work experience, but that you have relevant work experience

Securing your dream job may just be a matter of working your way up. Get your foot in the door by interning, volunteering or gaining any other type of relevant work experience within a company.  Employers will always look favourably on someone who has already taken the initiative to secure work experience with them. Work experience is also a great way of networking, making good connections with employers and creating leads for future opportunities.

Have a look at the resources we have on our website in regards to finding work experience:

Also, check out our jobs board where we advertise new vacancies every day!

Novlet Levy

Careers Information Assistant, QM Careers and Enterprise Centre


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