Film work experience Part 2

A recent blog post outlined how a current film student used a pro-active job hunting approach and networking to gain his work experience. This post features Mitch Harris, another current student and a theme emerges …. Networking and flexibility really is the name of the game!

‘My film experience officially started when I was recommended by my secondary school to do some work experience for Pix and Mix, a company in St Neots, part of Gareth Holsgrove Associates. I was 16. We filmed for the Royal College of Pathology in London and for the NEBDN in London, Manchester and Birmingham and I got experience editing. This is where I developed my passion for editing, rivalling my passion for coffee developed when I was a runner for Prime Focus on Soho!  Once I had realised this is what I wanted to do getting experience was a matter of combining this passion with persisting for a long time until I got the experience/job. Once I was inside the film company, I then took up every opportunity they offered me, even if it wasn’t something I was particularly interested in.  So I worked on Sound for one film, despite wanting to be an Editor, because doing this showed a willing attitude and increased the chances I would get offered other things I was more interested in.  I even said that I would do things that I didn’t yet know how to do, and spend a few days teaching myself before starting on the job!

In my experience, getting work experience and paid work is also heavily to do with lots of networking, and being as sociable as possible. Passion + Persistence = Possibility. This is the advice I would give to other students – find exactly what it is that you love doing, persist with lots of applications networking events, make use of social media, blogs and perhaps your own portfolio website and eventually something will come up.’

Careers top tip –  check out these websites: networking events

Mitchell Harris

Film Studies student


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