Are you missing out on job vacancies? Working outside of London

If you have studied at a university in London, it might seem like the natural option to look for work in the capital when you graduate. The number of possible businesses to apply to as well as the vast and diverse job options available in London is almost too big to comprehend. Many companies have their head offices here and it is also a big centre for industries such as finance, politics and media/arts to name a few.  Typically the salaries are higher too, which is often a big incentive for graduates looking to pay off their student loans as quickly as possible. But there is also a lot of competition, not just from other graduates in London, but also graduates from the rest of the UK and even worldwide.

However by only looking at London based jobs, you could be seriously narrowing your options and missing out on some excellent opportunities. It may come as a surprise that some of the UK’s biggest employers struggle to fill places on their graduate schemes based in regional offices due to a lack of interest from applicants. On Friday the Guardian published an article highlighting the number of opportunities available outside main UK cities. It reported that even large and well-known organisations such as Ernst & Young find it difficult to fill vacancies in their  satellite offices, such as Reading, Southampton or Luton.

So where can you find out about Regional Vacancies? The Prospects, Target Jobs and Times Top 100 guides all have information about graduate training schemes which includes details of their various locations. Use this information to then look directly at the employer’s website to see whether there are still opportunities available in their regional offices.

There are also specialist websites which cover particular geographical areas of the UK where you can get further information about employers and opportunities in that region:

Read the full Guardian article here. Prospects produced an article last year also drawing attention to this issue


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