Situational Judgement Tests – updated links

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to an assessment centre, they come up with different ways of torturing you. Not content with checking literacy, numeracy and logic, and quite apart from exercises involving in-trays, e-trays and role plays, you are now likely to face the dreaded “SJT” as well.

Situational Judgement Tests measure your ability to make the right call in a tricky scenario.  There are various formats, all multiple choice, the most common being

~ rank a list of 4 or 5 responses in order of merit

~ choose the best answer from several possibilities

~ flag up the most effective and least effective answers

~ any of the above, PLUS what you would do next

Three steps to SJT heaven

  • Process all the possible answers rather than pouncing on the first one that looks right. Full information = balanced choice
  • Gut instinct is good instinct.  Ponder by all means, but not for too long.
  • As my dear old mother used to say, think of the consequences.  Look at the likely outcome as well as the immediate proposition.  All of the solutions might be good or all of them might be ineffective, but which would be more beneficial (or less harmful) in the longer -term?

What next?

Practice tests may not make you perfect but they’ll boost your confidence, your technique and your score. Fire up the search engine or go to:

The last word….

…..from the British Medical Journal careers site: select the professional response, not the action you’d take in less formal circumstances.  In other words, choose what you should do, not what you would do.

Gill Sharp
Senior Careers Consultant
QM Careers & Enterprise Centre


One thought on “Situational Judgement Tests – updated links

  1. This is an excellent piece. I’ve added it to careerstagged. Does this matter? Well if you search careerstagged for ‘situational judgement tests’ this is the only thing in our online library. Nice work Gill!

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