Expert Advice on Applying to Graduate Schemes

Applying for graduate schemes can be quite a complicated process and if you’re thinking of going down this route then you probably have lots of questions. In this article, The Guardian summarises the key points from a recent live chat between students thinking of applying for grad schemes and experts involved in recruitment. What’s interesting is that, even though grad scheme applications might feel intimidating, the main advice that the experts give about how to stand out from the crowd is actually really straightforward.

The experts say that in CVs, covering letters and in answers to questions at assessment centres you should avoid general or generic information. You need to make it clear why you are applying for this company and this role. You should know and be able to explain exactly what the job involves and how the employer differentiates itself from its competitors. This means that to catch the eye of recruiters you don’t need to do anything dramatic or wacky; you need to make sure that the various aspects of your application are not interchangeable with your application for another job; they should be specifically tailored to the particular company and role you’re applying for.

To read the article, which also includes advice on graduate scheme options if you think you will graduate with a 2.2 and tips on assessment centres, click here.

And remember that if you need help with tailoring your CV and covering letter to apply for a particular job, you can book an appointment with an applications adviser at the Careers Centre.

Emily Hogg

Applications Adviser
QM Careers & Enterprise Centre


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