Interested in finance? What is the BAT?

You may have heard about the Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT) but be wondering what it is. Here’s a description written by one of Bloomberg’s Queen Mary campus ambassadors along with how it helped him gain an internship with RBS. It’s by an ambassador, so of course it’s positive! For a balanced view, you might like to make up your own mind about what the BAT could offer you by taking a look at or by speaking with a Careers Consultant. 

During my first year at Queen Mary, I knew that I had little chance to get a summer internship in a big bank.

However, I was very surprised and excited when I got an email saying that the RBS would like to see me as their potential candidate for a summer internship. I was unbelievably happy and I knew that it is all thanks to the BAT!

BAT (Bloomberg Aptitude Test) is a free 2-hour test designed by the world’s leading financial data analysis and news company Bloomberg. It was specifically designed for students interested in a career in finance in order to facilitate their search and increase their chances to get a job in the finance area.

I heard about the BAT from my friends who had already taken the test at their universities.

I quickly became interested in taking the BAT because it was absolutely free and, what is surprising, it doesn’t need any preparation. All what was needed were 2 hours of my time. So I said to myself: “Why not?”

After I got registered to take the BAT on Mile End campus, I was surprised with the fact that students from different years of study and very different backgrounds (physicists, engineers, medics) were also registering for the test. And it’s all because BAT is not a knowledge test, it is an APTITUDE test meaning that a student from any background might succeed in a particular section of a test!

The BAT not only provided me with an opportunity to accurately check my finance knowledge and skills but also the chance to get to know the most common practical problems that many financial agents face each day.

The 2 hours of completing the test provided me with invaluable and tremendously beneficial feedback.

First of all, I found out how I stand against other test takers around the world because besides providing your score in individual section, the BAT puts your score as relative to the global mean. To my high interest, I found out that my maths, global markets and analytical reasoning skills were higher than the global average.

Secondly, I got a taste of all the questions that are most likely to pop up during my many future interviews and I was already trying to find the answers for questions that I saw in the BAT in order to prepare for interviews.

And finally, within few weeks I received an email saying that the RBS is interested in contacting me because they were happy with my score. So it was like a fast-track and added bonus to my application to the bank.

All in all, the BAT not only gave me an in-depth feel of finance industry-specific tasks and increased my chances to get a desired internship but also boosted my confidence and interest in a career in finance!

I definitely recommend all students to take the BAT because it will definitely increase their chances to get a desired job in finance!


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