An exciting and challenging job that you could be overlooking

Looking for an exciting and challenging role with responsibility that is a key part of an organisation? Have you considered being a PA? Gone are the days where a Personal Assistant sits in the corner of the office undertaking dull routine and clerical tasks. Advances in technology mean that Personal Assistants have a much wider range of duties and are often known as being at ‘the heart of organisations’. When you think about the role of a Personal Assistant, think about it as opportunity to make use of a broad spectrum of skills as well as the opportunity to pick up some new ones!

Personal Assistants are now being put in charge of things like:

–          Running their own teams

–          Conducting meetings on behalf of their bosses

–          Making recommendations on business decisions

–          Standing in for their managers at meetings

–          Co-ordinating big events

–          Negotiating directly with suppliers

–          Managing budgets

An article on the Guardian Careers website exposes how many people are using the role of a personal assistant as a way of getting their foot into other professions. In a survey, 12% of Personal Assistants said that they became a PA in order to get into a particular organisation or industry. After gaining experience, making contacts, and learning about how the company works, many personal assistants are then offered a promotion elsewhere in the organisation.

If you have excellent organisational, co-ordination and management skills don’t be so quick to overlook applying for positions as a personal assistant – it could be more of a fulfilling challenge than you think!

And if you would like any help with your CV or application when applying for these jobs, please book an appointment to see one of our Careers Consultants.

Novlet Levy
Careers Information Assistant
QM Careers & Enterprise Centre


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