Feeling festive? Finding Christmas work

Now that you’ve settled into uni, you’ve got into the swing of lectures and you’re (relatively) on top of your workload, this is the time to start thinking about getting work experience and earning some funds in time for Christmas. Seasonal roles can be the perfect way to build your CV and gain transferable skills, and their temporary nature means that the role will finish before revision and exams set in.

Christmas temp roles tend to fall into two categories: jobs created specifically for the Christmas season (such as ice rink event staff, Christmas elves, or Christmas post processors) or temporary versions of jobs which operate all year round to help with the increase in demand during the Christmas season (usually retail and service industry roles). Keep in mind that even though this is a temporary position, if you impress during your time working for the organisation, this could lead to further employment, either during or after university.

A good place to start your search for Christmas work is QM JobOnline which as well as advertising seasonal opportunities, also includes part time and graduate roles. Results can be filtered by the type of work you are looking for and the hours you are available for work. Another place to research is the websites of large department stores who often employ extra staff over the busy Christmas period, for example, Debenhams, Boots and even Harrods. Restaurants, bars and clubs will also be taking on extra staff as the party season begins.

Christmas may still feel a little way off yet, but applications for most Christmas temp roles close mid-October, so don’t delay, apply today!

If you need any help with your application, including CV checks and practice interviews, or want to discuss your career options for the future, come to QM Careers in Room WG3 of the Queens’ Building or call 020 7882 8533 for an appointment.


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