Make the most of your Summer work

At the start of term and in the sudden cold and rainy weather, the summer can feel like a distant memory. But don’t forget about what you got up to over the holiday because you might have gained really useful skills and experiences for your CV.

It’s impressive to employers if the examples you use in your CV are quantifiable and specific, so it’s worth making a note now of the abilities you developed over the summer (before you forget the details!) so that you can use them in future applications.

Part-time jobs: Did you work in a bar or in retail or help out in a friend or relative’s business? All part-time work, even casual work, is useful in developing transferable skills. You might be able to use examples from your summer job to demonstrate that you have good communication skills, experience of customer service, or have worked as a reliable and responsible member of a team, for example.

Voluntary experience: many skills that are valued by employers can be developed during voluntary work. Don’t discount summer volunteering because it is unpaid and for a limited time period; think about the specific tasks you undertook and the experience you gained. Did you do admin work or update databases? Did your voluntary work help you to develop problem-solving ability or experience of independent working on a particular task? Did it give you insight into a particular field or organisation?


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