How to market yourself for a career in advertising and PR

Marketing, advertising and PR are the most popular fields among new graduates according to a recent survey by High Fliers. But don’t be discouraged if this is an area you’re keen on breaking into, as it is also one sector which is employing a lot of new graduates. Here are a number of things you can do to make sure that you’re one of the graduates who secures a role working in the sector:

Consider Technology PR

The effective boom of roles within the technology sector is something which we have highlighted many times on this blog. Those of you who think that careers in tech are only for computer graduates should read this.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider a career in technology PR:

The pay– Unlike consumer PR where salaries are generally quite modest, take home pay for those working in B2B and technology PR is often higher (the same often applies to roles with B2B and industry publications in the media).

The environment– Have a look at the TechCity map and you’ll see how many tech start-ups are based in the local area. Not only will you be working in a familiar environment (the Tech City map highlights companies in East London), you’ll also be based in London’s digital centre.

The culture-It’s well known that the offices in Shoreditch are really trendy with start-ups being housed in old warehouses and factories. The cluster of inter-disciplinary businesses means that there are great networking opportunities, especially with the regular events that you’ll attend working in PR.

What else can you do?

Apply early

You don’t have to wait until you’ve graduated to start applying for graduate jobs. It’s not just graduate schemes that are keen to secure graduates before they leave university, smaller companies also take on applicants in advance. If they don’t have an advertised position, contact them directly. This will show initiative and demonstrate your passion for the company and their work.

Get some experience!

If you don’t manage to apply for jobs before you leave university you can still improve your chances of fast tracking your way into employment this way. Remember experience can come in all sorts of guises from being involved in the marketing of a society, volunteering as a marketing coordinator for a local charity or interning at a PR firm.

Know your stuff (and theirs)

Developing an understanding of technology and the wider industry of marketing, PR and advertising is almost essential to secure a job in the sector. Reading up on industry news and developments will help to expand your knowledge. Using the technology which is relevant to employers is also a great way to become familiar with their products.

Get started

  • Visit QProjects for volunteering opportunities.
  • Register with QTemps for paid internships and temporary roles.
  • Search JobOnline for the latest graduate roles in the sector.
  • Join a society and get involved in the marketing of events and more.

For help and advice on contacting individual companies book an appointment with a careers consultant. Call us on 020 7882 8533 or visit us in Queens’ WG3.


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