Thinking about a law conversion course?

It is at this time of the year when we often hear from students who are considering a law conversion course. For some this could be an excellent option. Others, however, are viewing the GDL (or Graduate Diploma in Law) as a nifty way to kill time while they figure out what they really, really want. Hmmmm.

The GDL is not to be entered into so lightly. Ponder the following…..

It’s effectively a three year law degree condensed into one year

Lots of assignments, facts, and tests, and minimal margin for error.  Muse on how you would cope with your current course in such taxing circumstances.  Shattered post-grads, with eye bags so pronounced that they could be checked into left luggage at Paddington, report that their degree was a doddle in comparison to the GDL which is Seriously Hard Work.

It costs money

Lots of.  Up front.  With the Student Loan Company conspicuous by its absence.  Sponsorships and scholarships are nowadays as rare as sabre toothed tigers and twice as competitive. OK, so it might be a handy item to have on your CV, but do you have better ways to spend between £7,000 and £9,000?  Indeed, do you even have the £7 – 9,000 to play with?

What are you going to do with it?

Useful for roles that requires more than a smattering of legal knowledge, so handy for anything that smacks of a business, compliance or advisory slant.  But you will not be qualified to practise law – that will take another course, additional effort, even more dosh ….

Here’s the thing

Anybody who is thinking about postgraduate study should research the industry they are looking to enter to make sure the qualification will really add value to their skill-set. In some areas, work experience and practical experience may be preferred by employers. If you want to make the leap to law, get some work experience or job shadowing in order to make sure it is really a path you want to follow.

Gill Sharp
Senior Careers Consultant
QM Careers Centre


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