Bloomberg – much more than news

Recently I went to visit Bloomberg to find out more about industry trends and what they are seeking in their graduate hires. They will recruit around 300 graduates in the next 12 months for roles in the UK, elsewhere in Europe, Middle East and Asia. If you think you might want to be among them, read on. Maybe that’s got you wondering what Bloomberg actually does. Remember whoever you apply to,  in order to produce a convincing application you really need to demonstrate that you understand the company and what the business does.  This understanding will help you when it comes to’ selling’ them your skills and experience.

Things to consider when applying:

  • don’t neglect your soft skills. Yes companies like Bloomberg may operate at the cutting edge of analytics and technology for the finance industry, but forget any assumptions you have about soft skills not being so important. This means that:

– When looking your application, Bloomberg recruiters are looking for good evidence that you have great communication skills and can relate well to others. This evidence can come from team-working projects, volunteering, sports, societies and interests, or of course work experience.

– You will stand out by showing you have the potential to lead a team. Many graduate entrants are promoted into management and team leadership roles as they grow with the company. Bloomberg recruiters have found that this is an area many promising applicants fail on during the selection process. Interestingly graduates from arts backgrounds (e.g. language students) are often seen to perform better in leadership assessments. Whatever your subject of study, focus on leadership as one of your preparation areas.

  • Language skills. Not programming languages, but spoken languages. German, Russian, Hebrew, Mandarin, Italian, Turkish and Japanese (to name but a few) are very highly valued in graduate entrants and will get you noticed. So if you really are fluent (written and spoken) in a second language, make sure this stands out in your applications and isn’t nestling somewhere at the end of a two page CV as your best kept secret.
  • Logical thinkers. From customer account management roles through to programmers, they are seeking graduates who can demonstrate logical thinking in their approach. If you’ve got this, they can teach you the technical side. That goes so far as teaching you programming skills too – something to bear in mind if you want to commercialise your degree subject.
  • Business minds. They expect you to have an understanding of their business and to know that they are about much more than Bloomberg News. They also need to know you’ll engage with their customers, so evidence of an understanding of the business world and issues is in demand. And, like many graduate recruiters we meet, they stated that this last point is the one they find many applicants to be relatively weak on. Make sure that doesn’t include you!

You can get support on any of the points above by contacting Careers on 020 7882 8533 or dropping in to WG3 to book a short appointment.


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