Get the most out of your recruitment consultant

Maybe it is because I like to keep my options open, but I think it is always important to have a back-up plan. When it comes to looking for work, there is no one way that is guaranteed to bring success. Trying a number of different methods is a sensible tactic to adopt when job hunting, as you avoid putting all your eggs in one basket.  As well as the more traditional and perhaps familiar way of applying to advertised vacancies,  have you considered sending speculative applications and finding ‘hidden’ jobs through networking? Joining a Recruitment Consultancy is also an option.

Regardless of which methods you chose, similar to approaching an essay,  it is useful to take the time before you start to plan / brainstorm your ideas to ensure you make the most of your time and stay focused. This will help make your job search as effective and efficient as possible. The best job hunting methods to use will depend on which area of work you are looking to get in to, so do some research on this also.

The Recruitment and Employment Confederation and Agency Central are useful websites you can use to find agencies for the area of work and location you are interested in.  It is important to remember that Recruitment Consultants get their money from the employer they are recruiting for. You should NEVER pay money to an agency.

This morning I read an article written in one of the excellent Inside Careers newsletters I receive titled Get the most out of your Recruitment Consultant, that has helpful advice and information on how to deal with agencies.

For further information about job hunting, from checking applications, to knowing where and how to look for jobs, see the resources section of our website and book an appointment with one of our Careers Consultants.


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