Green Engineering

With the rising interest in renewable energy, and increased focus on the issue of energy security, there is a growing demand for engineers with specialisation in this field.

According to the Guardian, ‘in a study of 350 senior engineers, more than 57% of respondents believe renewable energy will be the main growth area for engineering in the coming years’:

While this may be great news for engineering students looking to get into this growth area, it does not mean that getting a job will be easy. One of the reasons there are many vacancies in this area,  is that employers are struggling to find candidates with the skills they require. Graduates need to show that they have knowledge of the energy sector and the transferable skills which means that they could adapt to this area of work.

While engineering is largely a technical profession, there is an increasing demand for candidates to also possess ‘softer skills’ like communication. As well as being good communicators, engineering candidates need to, among other things:

  • Have good organisational and negotiation skills
  • Be able to demonstrate commercial awareness and an understanding of business in general, as well as the energy market
  • Show project management skills
  • Possess initiative and the ability to recognise emerging problems and pro-actively develop solutions.

What this all means in a nutshell is that if you want a job in the renewable energy sector, you have to make sure your CV is finely tuned to demonstrate the skills and abilities employers want.

Have a look at the following websites to get a better understanding of careers in the energy sector:

And if you would like to make sure your CV is up to scratch, make an appointment to come and see one of our Careers Consultants.

Heather Campbell
Careers Information Assistant
QM Careers Centre


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