All this and job hunting too? Looking for work during exam time…

Revision, exams, assignments, part-time job. If you’d wanted to be a juggler you’d have joined the circus.

Do employers KNOW it’s exam time? Oh yes. But their recruitment schedule doesn’t mesh with your revision timetable and once in employment, your deadlines will be equally exacting, your workload just as heavy.  They are finding out who’s up for it (and up to it) now.

A simple mantra

Is it urgent, but not important?

Is it important, but not urgent?

Is it urgent AND important?

Your priority is getting good grades. Without this, your job hunt nosedives.

Keys to success

Arrange alerts. Buy extra time.  Get job sites to update you on opportunities.

Don’t delay.  Dithering, deferral, displacement are all time wasters.  Just start somewhere.  Otherwise you’re going nowhere.

Fix fundamentals (1) BEFORE the exam season kicks off in earnest, perfect your CV and cover letter so both can be adapted at a moment’s notice.  Because you wouldn’t waste your time and everyone else’s by submitting standard CVs and letters.  Would you?

Fix fundamentals (2) Application forms can’t be prepared in advance; skills audits, examples and evidence can.  Because you wouldn’t dream of cutting and pasting from one form to another, without actually answering the question.  Would you?

Top Tip

Divide and rule.  Tackle applications and revision in chunks, not all in one attempt.

Clock Watching

Bed Time: when do you work best?  A midsummer morning or a midsummer night? Nod off later or get up earlier. (Yes you can.)

Dead Time: gap between having a snack and the beginning of TOWIE, Jeremy (Kyle or Clarkson) or HIGNFY.  Use wisely.  See Top Tip.

Down Time: Avoid stress, panic and burnout.  Build in breaks.

No sweat.

Gill Sharp
Careers Consultant QM Careers


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