Post-graduate funding – look in unexpected places!

You may have saved meticulously, worked diligently and spent scarcely, but still there is sometimes the need for extra help. Postgraduate study is expensive, and unless your family is able to fund you, self-financing your way through the next year of university can be highly stressful. There are many well-known research grants and personal development loans to take advantage of when funding a Masters or PhD course. What lots of people don’t know however is that the world is teeming with charities, trusts and well-wishers who want to give you money: as long as you fit the criteria.

So who are these do-gooders?

Say that at the end of my life I’ve earned a considerable amount of money, which I think is due to the support of the agricultural community. I might decide to leave my money in the hands of a trust, to help students support their way through agricultural study, so they can help people like me make their fortune years down the line. That’s often what these funds are all about. As well as this, there are a number of charities (such as Cancer Research UK and Diabetes UK) who fund research that can help them to reach their aims. Because these are privately managed trusts they are allowed to be picky, so it’s best to do your research.

funding guide

And that is where this brilliant book comes in 

The Alternative Guide to Postgraduate Funding pulls together all the information you will need when it comes to applying for an alternative fund or loan. It covers where to look for these funding sources, how to write your applications and even how to deal graciously with rejection. Perhaps most usefully, it collates 300 of the top charities and trusts for you to peruse as you look for alternative funding. As you’ll see there are opportunities for most people and some of the criteria, whilst seemingly bizarre, means that there is a much smaller pool of competition. Here’s a quick taste of the types of funds on offer to you:

East Africa Women’s League Benevolent Fund provides grants to women of UK origin who have previously lived and worked in East Africa.

The Gane Charitable Trust can give up to £500 to students of crafts, architecture or social welfare (we can’t work out how these go together either). Preference is given to applicants from Bristol, Newport and Gwent.

The Vegetarian Charity wants to support vegetarian or vegan students who are 25 or younger with study grants

Don’t just take my word for it. You can drop by the Careers Centre (Queens Building WG3) and flick through this and other careers-related books whenever you fancy. As always, we’ll be on hand to answer questions that you might have after reading it.

Josh Lee
Employer Engagement Administrator
QM Careers Centre


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