Jobs using Geography: transport, logistics and sustainability

QM graduate Elizabeth Hegarty is a sustainability manager at Heathrow airport. What is that? Well the term is interchangeable with corporate social responsibility manager, or corporate responsibility manager. This area of work has been expanding in the last few weeks, so there are increasing numbers of jobs available. She looks after Heathrow’s sustainability strategy, which means looking at how the business interacts positively with the environment, the economic health of the UK and local area, the local community and its staff and passengers.

Get an understanding of what’s going on in the sustainability/CSR world at

Matt, a Sheffield university geography graduate, is on the traffic control graduate scheme with TfL. If you like GIS and computer modelling then his role might suit you.  He uses computer modelling and GIS to consider the effects of changes to the traffic flow in London.  One project he’s working on at the moment is looking at the impact to making the Embankment a ‘cycle boulevard’: what would happen to the traffic flow with one less lane? What is the real effect on cyclists?  There is an operational side to his daily work also, making decisions on where to send traffic when there are problems, such as the helicopter crash at Vauxhall.

Read more about careers in transport and logistics on the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport website and on the Inside Careers website.


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