Job hunting – tips from employers and recruiters

Job hunting can seem to be an all-consuming challenge and it’s all too easy to lose your head when browsing job boards. However with a little bit of planning you can ensure you make the most of your time. Here are a few tips  inspired by a number of blogs written by employers and recruiters…

Do your research – this is an absolute given, but internet blogs written by recruiters are still rife with complaints that applicants either fail to grasp the concept of the role they are going for, or don’t even mention the organisation’s name in the covering letter they write for it! Remember, employers use job titles and descriptions to sell their company in the same way that you use your CV and covering letter to sell yourself. Look past the sales pitch and get to grips with what you’ll really be doing in the role. There’s no harm in asking the recruiter for more information! It’ll help your application and it will ensure you’re applying for the right role.

Be choosy – in the current careers market it seems counter-intuitive to pick and choose what you are applying for. However, applying for everything that passes under your nose means that your applications will probably be mediocre. The reality of the job hunt is that for every role, there will be a handful of excellent candidates, and a sea of average ones. Your job is to make sure you fall into the excellent category by focussing your efforts on a selection of jobs.

Be ready tell people about yourself – at any moment you could be interviewed, formally or informally. This could be at a careers fair, on an insight day, even in a pub or café! It never hurts to be ready to network. If you have a portfolio of work, be sure to know the link for people to view it off by heart, just in case the opportunity arises.

Join LinkedIn – don’t just join, but take advantage of the access you have to thousands of professionals. You know how you spend 10 minutes looking over the life story of someone you barely know on Facebook and then make no further contact with them? You can do the same on LinkedIn. Search for a job title you are interested in and look through the career histories of people who are working in that role. It’s very interesting to see how they got to where they are and can provide some great hints to maximise your job-hunting efforts.

Weigh up your ambitions – consider the possibility of moving for your job. With spiralling rents in London, many organisations are based outside the capital. The more flexible you are prepared to be in terms of location, the more options you will find available to you.

Job-hunting can be  intimidating, but with a focused attitude it’s much easier to produce brilliant applications. And remember, if you need help focusing your job search or preparing to apply for a role, you can come and see a Careers Consultant – give us a call on 020 7882 8533 or come and speak to us in Queens Building WG3.


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