Job hunting in the creative services industry: know your audience!

There’s no strict formula for job applications – even more so in the creative sector. With industries that are pushing the boundaries of how businesses communicate, it’s often important to prove that you are as forward thinking and tapped into what’s going on as they are. Candidates are finding many different ways to communicate their value to creative employers; from videos to animated CVs. It can be a particularly useful way of getting noticed when applying speculatively, rather than responding to a particular vacancy, which is a common way of getting experience in this industry. Here’s one we found that caught our attention:

But before you get your camcorder out, it’s worth knowing that these types of applications need to not only be backed up by lots of research into the company, but also well executed. This industry is all about standing out – don’t let it be for all the wrong reasons.

Having a unique selling point is important when it comes to these sorts of jobs – your employer is going to be selling your services to their clients, and you need to be part of the killer sales package – it might be that you’re a pro with the latest design software, or you might even be an expert in building relationships with clients. A useful thing to do is to research the company – find out what makes them special within the market and gear your application to show how you fit in with that ethos. If the design company you’re applying for is the best in the field for 2D animation, tailor your CV to show that you have similar strengths. Similarly, if the company doesn’t deal with Facebook, spending heaps of time discussing your use of it might not be a beneficial use of words.

The Guardian has put together a list of 7 deadly sins that graduates often commit when applying for jobs in the creative services sector. Use this as a heads up to avoid making similar mistakes when you come to apply for these types of roles. And remember, if you’re unsure about your application form, CV or interview technique, our Careers Consultants are on hand to give you advice and feedback.

Josh Lee
Employer Engagement Administrator
QM Careers Centre


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