Think you know what an accountant really does? Think again….

Many people think they know what accounting involves, but do they really? Careers in accounting are available in a wide variety of sectors and it’s good to know about the wealth of opportunities available in the field.

Public Practice Sector

  • Provides advice to individuals, businesses and governments
  • Services include audit, tax, insolvency, forensic accountancy and business support
  • A great way breaking into accountancy before creating your own practice or becoming a partner

Public Sector

  • Looks at finding the best way to use public funds
  • Services include: administering budgets, tracking costs and overseeing projects
  •  Examples of organisations within this sector include the NHS, HM Treasury and charities
  • Finance graduates still in demand by the government despite the economic climate, and public sector benefits and holiday packages are often competitive.

Financial Services Sector

  • Focuses on services related to income
  • Could involve working in private banking, insurance, pensions or investments
  • Strong academic background required

Corporate Sector

  • Involves working with a company to increase effectiveness and maximise profits
  • Services involve producing and analysing financial reports and providing advice to companies about their financial situation.
  • Offers a long-term rewarding career

To find out more about accountancy, visit the websites of the qualification providers to find out which one best fits your interests: ACCA, CIMA, CIPFA & ICAEW.
Had enough of exams and studying at the moment? There are roles available such as Accounts Assistant, or Accountancy Technician which you could apply for to gain some experience in the industry and then decide whether you want to take further qualifications or perhaps try something else.

If you would like anymore information on any aspect of your career planning, feel free to book an appointment with a Careers Consultant at the Careers & Enterprise Centre, Queen’s Building Room WG3.


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