Careers in Publishing during digital times – how to impress employers

The future of publishing is changing. Like most industries to stay relevant it has had to embrace the digital age.

Publishing employers now look for digital awareness in graduates as well as a passion for reading and literature.

With the rise of popularity of the Kindle and other electronic reading devices, the gap between conventional publishing and digital media has closed.

In addition to a passion for books, graduates considering a career in publishing also need to possess an understanding of the selling and marketing process.

For publishers who are hoping to survive the transition from traditional to digital, the ability to market and deliver their products over a variety of digital mediums is essential.

It is a good idea if you are applying for publishing roles to make the most of your digital and social media skills. Engaging with social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook can give you an idea of how employers use social media to interact with their market and it is useful experience to add to your CV.

Jane Tuppuni, business development director at Publishing Technology spoke of how the change is good news for graduates in a Guardian Q&A.

“Publishers are hungry for this knowledge, and will be keen to hear from anyone who can maximise their chances of embracing, and profiting from, the digital age.”

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