Careers in the city – advice, information & opportunities – on facebook

If someone said, “Through Facebook, I got a job the City ”, you would probably think they were a bit looney. Well that statement is not a complete lie. The Facebook page ‘Careers in the City’ (based on the annual City Course run by The Careers Group, University of London) provides information and opportunities to students who wish to pursue City careers such as investment banking, accountancy and commercial law.

How could Facebook, the world’s most poplar website that is used daily to get into contact with old friends, arrange parties and even stalk exes, help me get a job in the city?

The answer is by providing students with information on how to apply to Internships and graduate schemes. The page also gives insight into what is it really likes to work in one the skyscrapers of London. It  shows the wide range of careers available, as keen potential investment bankers and economics/finance students are not the only types of students welcome in the City! There’s  information on other roles such as management, accountancy and risk management, which are open to students from a range of degree disciplines.

What do City employers want from prospective employees? Well, there are number of video interviews with recruiters offering the inside scop on how to focus your application and make sure you display why you are the best candidate for the job. There’s  also information about insight days, as well as articles and videos about issues affecting the City and the cooperate world. The page allows you to discuss with others and share ideas. Basically it’s your one stop shop to every thing to do with the City.

So head over to Facebook but not to update your status or look up an old friend but further your career check out Careers in the City.

Tobi Ijitoye
3rd year International Relations at QM and
Vacancy Researcher QM Careers Centre


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