How to stand out at law firm interviews

Most aspiring solicitors know that 31st July is the last day when applications can arrive at many law firms for 2013/2014 training contract positions. Advice from those who have successfully survived the selection process is that you need to research the different firms out there and only apply to those that suit you best.

The Lawyer 2Be recently conducted a 60 second interview with Matthew Clark, a trainee solicitor at CMS Cameron McKenna.  He chose this firm because he wanted to be involved in high-profile cross-border work and also wanted a guaranteed secondment opportunity at one of their international offices or with a client company. According to Matthew if you carry out enough research and make the right choices you can come across well at interview as your suitability for the firm will really shine through.

If you want to read more about Matthew’s insights into applying for a training contract and working as a trainee solicitor you can find them at

Browse the law resources on Careers Tagged for more information on the industry and firms, as well as applications and interviews.


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