‘Doing More with Less’ – how to appeal to employers

A report in The Times* newspaper this week describes how “Doing more with less has become today’s business mantra.”

What might this mean for undergraduates and graduates seeking work?

Here are three ways to help employers understand how you can enable them to do more with less…

1. Fresh thinking – demonstrate how you can bring creative approaches and new ways of doing things. As one consultant quoted in The Times commented ‘You have to out-think, rather than outspend the competition’. Draw on examples of things you have done while at Queen Mary. Your use of Facebook to increase membership numbers of the Scuba Club, could be a model for a business using social media to engage with a wider customer base.

2. Focus – show that you know what really matters. Doing more with less requires working to clear goals and concentrating on areas where you can make a difference. Do your research on any potential employer. Have a view on what really matters for the success of their business. Prepare evidence of times when you have achieved goals as a student using limited resources. For example, did you complete several pieces of coursework at the same time as holding down a part-time job?

3. Affiliation – describe how you work with others to deliver results. The Times feature also describes how businesses are working together in collaborative partnerships to do more with less. It cites the work of Divine (the Fairtrade chocolate) with O2. Share relevant examples from course projects and work experience to show employers how you can work in partnership with others to make great things happen.

*The Times feature is based on a report by Raconteur. This can be accessed here.


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