Panicked about your career

“Scary”: the word heard most often right now as graduates with no job or no firm career ideas confess their concerns…..

Mythbuster #1:  You are not alone

Think that most graduates go into professional level employment as soon as they leave university? Think again. The majority take several months to find their niche.

The road ahead may seem unclear, but the path is well travelled and, if you follow the steps below, well charted.

Step 1: Remuneration

Keeping body and soul together usually means a stop-gap job, possibly humble in character, modest in salary. This is very much the norm for new graduates just finding their feet.  It won’t affect your chances of a professional job and may even enhance these. Need I whisper the words “transferable skills”?

Step 2: Research

Investigate your own preferences, aptitudes and interests: essential if you haven’t decided on a career, insightful if you have.

This step is your sat nav. Omit it and risk veering off course or hitting a dead end.

Dig deeper still: case studies, links, vacancies, voluntary work, internships, post-grad courses are all present and correct on those same websites.

Mythbuster #2 Graduate employment does not = graduate schemes

Less than 15% of university leavers go into training schemes with major companies. If you set your compass for this type of work, remember there are alternatives if you encounter the choppy waters of competition and the rocks of rejection.

Step 3: Regroup

Use this information to plot your course, either alone or with assistance from QM. Join Gradclub for free or heavily discounted access to the careers service here. Registration costs nothing until New Year.  Use it or lose it.

The future is yours. Daunting yes, dangerous no. It’s your next big adventure.

Gill Sharp
Careers Consultant
QM Careers


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