Have you been rejected for a job?

Although it is undoubtedly disappointing when this happens, take it as a valuable opportunity for learning and development and perhaps it could even become a positive experience. The article contains a number of useful suggestions, but a few additional considerations might be:

Your application – If you’re applying to lots of jobs but not being invited to interview, it might be worth taking a look at the way you’re presenting yourself on paper. Check thoroughly (and perhaps ask a friend to double check) for:

  • Spelling and grammatical errors
  • Incorrect dates
  • Poor quality printing
  • Not following the instructions
  • Not addressing the requirements set out in the job description

The job requirements – Remember that the employer has spent time writing the job description and detailing the skills and qualities that they’re looking for. Armed with this information, you need to explain exactly why you’re their perfect candidate by demonstrating that you already posses all of the skills the employer is seeking. Remember to make the most of all the transferable skills you’ve picked up from part-time work/volunteering/extra-curricular sports or societies.

Finally for feedback on your CV or any other application material, to book a practice interview or for some more general advice on applying for jobs then book an appointment to see one of our careers consultants.


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