Transform Your Job Search: Make the Internet Work for You!

There are many ways to go about job-hunting, from highlighting ads in your local newspaper to speculatively contacting an employer about possible vacancies. Yet in this age of technology and instant information, you might think that surely there is a more straightforward and user-friendly approach to finding jobs?

Indeed, wouldn’t it be great if you automatically received an email or SMS alert whenever a website, Twitter feed or LinkedIn group featured a job in your chosen vocational area? Well have we got news for you: all of this is now possible with ‘If This Then That’ (

You can use the service in a way that suits your job-hunting interests and preferences. Have a look at our own approach for some inspiration by following these technical steps:

  • Register as a user on ifttt
  • Go to QM JobOnline and search for the types of jobs you’re interested in. Once you’ve completed the search, find out what the ‘RSS feed’ for that particular query is by clicking on the ‘rss’ symbol and then copy it from the address bar
  • Go to ifttt and ‘Create Task’
  • Click on ‘This’, then select the ‘RSS Feed’ logo (this is because on this occasion ‘this’ represents an RSS Feed activity). In other words, you want to trigger a similar action every time something happens to a specific RSS Feed
  • Select ‘New Feed Item’
  • Feed URL:  paste in the feed URL you copied earlier
  • Create Trigger: this will take you to the ‘that’ part of the application, namely what you want to happen every time something interesting occurs in the ‘this’ section
  • Select ‘Email’. You could choose any number of actions, but in this case we want to be notified by email every time a job comes in on the RSS Feed we have selected.

The best part about it? It works! You will be the first to know about exciting new positions and thus save time by not having to search for vacancies.


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